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Happy Thanksgiving from LINK Endurance!

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Hi! Alix and Mo here! We want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and share how thankful we are for each one of YOU! We cannot begin to express the JOY that each of you brings to us – YOU allow us to wake up and do what we love – what FEEDS us – every day! Thank you for trusting us and allowing us the opportunity to be a part of your lives in some capacity!

Our goal when we started LINK Endurance remains the same today — to empower as many people as we can reach to take pride in what you put into your body and consider yourself as a WHOLE being – mind, body and heart. When you have all of  these “links in your chain” working together – you will be your best self. Our goal is to encourage you along the way and offer as much education as we can so that you know HOW to live this best life you have inside of you!

We posted this Facebook LIVE last week – for those that missed it or need the pep-talk prior to your Thanksgiving meal/time with your family, check it out here.

We wish all of you a very happy and peaceful Thanksgiving!

Stay tuned for all the best info on how to PERFORM, EAT and THINK at your optimal level!

“I am” Guided Breath Practice

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This short guided breath practice is designed to help you reduce stress and go into your day with a calm/confident mind.  As you listen to this recording follow these tips:

  • keep your eyes closed and relaxed
  • breathe at your own comfortable pace
  • exhale fully on each breath, drawing your belly in towards your spine to stimulate your calm “rest and digest” nervous system

Episode 111: Interview with Spartan Pro Team Member Rea Kolbl

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First off, all I can say is WOW what an incredible human!! Miles and I had such a great conversation with Rea! Her mindset and approach to training, nutrition, and life are truly unique.

In this episode we chat with Rea about:


– How she manages to train every day and keep going strong

– The importance of a positive outlook/mindset

– The importance of a good nutrition plan that is made at home

– How to make time for training, racing, & good nutrition with a busy schedule

– And much much more!!



CLICK HERE to listen or download from iTunes or Stitcher!


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Episode 94: Interview with The Selection’s Danielle Burger on Resilience, Mental Toughness, Mindset, Being shoved in a dark box, and More

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In this episode Miles and I have the pleasure of interviewing one bad ass lady! Daniel Burger was the last woman standing and made it to the top 6 out of 30 civilians on The History Channel’s “The Selection”.

Danielle shares with us:

– Her mindset going into the show

– How Mark Divine’s Kokoro Camp helped develop her mental toughness and the mindset that ANYTING is possible.

– How sympathy/empathy from a family member/teammate can be the worst thing during hard times

– What made her finally turn in her patch

– Training while pregnant

– How to mentally survive being zip tied and put in a dark box

and much much more!!

CLICK HERE to listen or download on iTunes or Stitcher

Follow Danielle on instagram: @danielleburger2

Episode 90: 2016 Year in Review, Maffetone Running, Breaking Through the “I’m not Good Enough” Mindset

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Are you someone who struggles with body image issues, thinking your not good enough, not in shape enough, etc?  Do you know someone who falls in this category? If so, then today’s episode is must hear. We discuss how to better measure your fitness by more than just your weight. How to be the best version of YOU possible and more. We also give a few highlights from 2016, talk 2017 goals and touch on Maffetone running. Please share this with someone you know who needs a little uplifting :-).

ClICK HERE to listen, or download from iTunes or Stitcher.


For more info on the Wairua Warrior OCR race in New Zealand CLICK HERE.

Episode 86: Spartan World Champ Hobie Call Chats about Following Your Heart/Passion, His Weight Vest Training, Getting Older but Racing Faster, Mindset and Much More

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In this episode we interview 2016 Spartan World Champion Hobie Call. Hobie is an incredible human with an insatiable desire to be the best he can be.  We talk about his training program, how he uses a weight vest to train, following your hear and not giving up on your dreams, racing as a masters athlete, and much more. CLICK HERE to listen or download from iTunes or Stitcher.


CLICK HERE to get Hobie’s “How to Train for Obstacle Course Racing” DVD

Episode 82: Interview with Elite OCR athlete, Marine, & Purple Heart Recipient Brian Gowiski, Motivational Speeches, and Chopping Firewood

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In this episode we chat with elite OCR athlete Brian Gowiski.  We discuss his journey to finding endurance sports, his impeccable work ethic as an athlete, and his time in the military.  Brian is a buddy superstar and has some great insight to share!  Click HERE to listen or download from iTunes or stitcher.

Find us on Stitcher HERE

Motivational Speeches by Les Brown- Click HERE…. and get ready!


Email- bgowiski@yahoo.com

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/BrianGowiskiAthlete/

Instagram: @bgowiski

Episode 73: How to Make Training Seem Easier, How to Train for a Hilly Race Without Hills, Benefits of Watermelon

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Have you ever wondered how to make running seem/feel easier? Or how to magically make weights not seem so heavy when lifting? Miles and I will tell you how in this episode. We discuss how to prepare for a hilly race when you don’t have any hills near you, and finally we get into the amazing health benefits of watermelon and tell you how to incorporate it into your daily nutrition plan. CLICK HERE to listen or download from iTunes by searching EatRealandMove Podcast.


To read more about the amazing benefits of Watermelon click here.


To check out Alix’s latest recipe from www.justeatthefood.com click here.