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Episode 134: Interview with Spartan Pro & New Mom Rose Wetzel

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In this episode Miles and I have the pleasure of chatting with the incomparable Rose Wetzel. Rose talks about:

– Her life as a new mother

– The challenges being a new parent brings

– 36hrs of unmedicated labor

– How her training changed during pregnancy and how she is regaining fitness post baby

– Stopping at mile 12 of Spartan WC to breast feed!!!

– How to find your passion and do it for YOU not anyone else

– Setting personal mantras, anchors, and visuals for success

– Her most innovative “train with a baby” exercise

– And a lot more!

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Episode 133: Interview with Team AMA Coach Ryan Kempson

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In this episode Miles and I chat with the one and only Ryan Kempson, coach of Team AMA! Ryan is a wealth of knowledge, fast as all hell, and his passion for helping athletes reach their full potential through proper movement mechanics, core work and recovery is incredible! You will hear us talk about:

– How his parents never letting them quit mid-season and their hard work attitude and positive motivation bred two strong unrelenting athletes

– How not having cable tv and living in a remote part of the country led to a passion for being outside, exploring and turning him into the athlete he is today

– How we limit our abilities based on our own thoughts and fears of other racers on race day

– How water training aids so much in recovery, proper pelvic position/alignment, and overall strength potential

– How pool training can improve running ability

– How using the Burdenko method of training has led to endless progression potential

– How not to be a lazy idiot 🙂

– How you can run less than 20 miles per week and still dominate OCR

– How to pick your races and more!!

***NOTE: Due to technical issues the audio quality of this episode is not the best… Our apologies and we will work hard to improve this and bring you the best quality audio we can***

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Episode 132: How Retired Vietnam Marine Used Snake Venom and Holistic Remedies to Overcome Debilitating Injuries from War

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In this episode I sit down with Vietnam war hero Lou Paradise.  We talk about how Lou overcame debilitating pain and injuries from two tours in Vietnam that left him in severe and constant pain.

Lou used a combination of holistic herbs that he learned from his grandmother, along with micro-dosed venoms to formulate a topical lotion that increased microcirculation and greatly reduces joint & muscle pain. We talk though his product, the uses, and how you, the hard charging endurance athlete, can use it to speed recovery and keep you training hard!

We also discuss how his training on obstacle courses was a key component to his readiness for battle and more!

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Episode 130: Dallas Ultra-Beast, Beast, & Sprint Review, Preparing for Cold Races, How to take a Recovery Week, Supplements for Recovery

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In this episode Miles and I give our review from the Dallas Spartan Ultra-Beast, Beast, and Sprint races

We discuss our race highs, lows, and what we learned/took away from each event

We talk about ways to keep your hands warm during a cold race to minimize obstacle failure

We discuss the importance of time off and how to take a rest week

We discuss how to incorporate massage, cryotherapy, and chiropractic care into your rest week along with my top 3 “recovery supplements”


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Episode 129: Yancy Culp Talks on the Importance of Off-Season, Coaching During Off-Season, Building an Aerobic Base, and Much More

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In this week’s episode, Yancy Culp chats with Miles and I and gives us his thoughts on OCRWC, and where he sees the sport of OCR heading. We also talk about:

– The importance of a 3-4 month off-season

– The importance of keeping your coach during off-season

– Why you should invest in a run clinic

– How his perspective and approach to life and has changed since cancer

– His favorite shoes for trail and mud

– and more!!

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Episode 128: The Closest Athlete to Beating Hunter on BSR, Victor Quezada, talks Broken Skull Challenge, Staying Race Ready, Tough MudderX and More!

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In this episode OCR Pro athlete Victor Quezada stops by and chats with Miles and I about:

– His experience on Broken Skull Challenge, the heartbreak of “Heartbreak Hill” on the Skull Buster

– What he thinks it will take to beat Hunter!

– Why he stays “race ready” all year long

– Gives insight on what it takes to set up/build an OCR

– Why he is focusing more on Tough Mudder in 2018

– And more!

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FOLLOW VIC ON IG: @vic_darkhorse10

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Episode 127: Faye Stenning Talks Spartan WC, Finding Training & Life Balance, and More

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In this episode Spartan Pro Faye Stenning chats with Miles and I about:

– Spartan WC and what happened on the Herc Hoist

– How blowing up in a recent race helped her to focus on mindset, recovery, and gave her a better perspective on training and racing

– Her thoughts on balancing sport and life

– Why people need to chill out sometimes and just watch The Bachelor 🙂

– What off-season looks like

– and more!

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Closing Song: “Glorious” by Macklemore

Episode 126: Team AMA Pro OCR Athlete Ian Hosek Reviews Spartan World Championships

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In this episode Miles and I chat with Team AMA Pro and Spartan Elite Ian Hosek. Ian gives us a great review of the recent Spartan World Championships where he placed 16th overall.  He also talks about how to handle the cold water, fueling strategies, recovery tactics, and much more!!

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To listen or watch the Ted Talk about the “Mind-Shifting Everest Swim” CLICK HERE

You can check out Ian’s coaching page at www.hosekpe.com

Episode 125: Interview with Spartan Pro and Broken Skull Challenge Champ Cassidy Watton

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In this episode Miles and I chat with Broken Skull Challenge Reigning Champ and Spartan Pro team member Cassidy Watton!

Cassidy talks with us about:

– Coaching at Epic Hybrid Training in NYC

– HIIT training for speed, power, and hilly races

– Her experience with Tough MudderX and Broken Skull Challenge

– and a whole lot more!!

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