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The Health Episodes #2: The Importance of Playing, Why You Need to Be Afraid, How to Make a Mind-Shift, & More Shenanigans

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The reason I used a photo of me skydiving is because that is literally the ONE thing I said I would never do. Why you ask? My answer has always been that if something goes wrong it’s REALLY gonna go wrong… I didn’t want to destroy my back or knees with a hard landing, I’ve had nightmares since childhood of falling from the sky (don’t know where that came from), and then there’s always that small death piece that could happen if the shoot doesn’t open.  I managed to go 42 years without jumping out of a plane until a client of mine set it as her goal.

During our time working together she had overcome such incomprehensible tragedy and faced fears on a daily basis.  This was her way of saying “I can do anything”, and she wanted me to do “anything”, skydiving, with her :-).  How the hell could I say no, and let me tell you I am glad I didn’t.  What I had been afraid of for so long was one of the coolest and most freeing experiences of my entire life.  I didn’t feel like I was falling, I felt like I was flying.  I didn’t hurt my knees or back, the landing was so smooth I barley felt it, and no… I’m not dead…  I faced my fear, and it opened my mind and allowed me to learn from the experience and grow.

In this episode Alix and I talk about:

  • Why you need to do something that scares you from time to time
  • Why you need to get out and play on a regular basis
  • How to make a permanent mind-shift regarding how you set your personal goals
  • And More!

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Check out Darryl Edward’s Primal Play program HERE

Episode 140: Coach Mo Talks Overtraining & How to Build Strong Calve, Hips, & Core for a Muddy Race

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In this episode Coach Mo flies solo and talks about the signs of overtraining. The 2018 season is about to kick off, and training and racing will be the focus. Learn the signs of overtraining and how to avoid it. Also… It is inevitable in our sport that we will encounter at least one sloppy muddy race. Learn how to build strong, mobile ankles and calves to prevent injury as well as how to build strength in your core and hips to help you navigate the slop of a muddy race… and keep your shoes… 🙂

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The Health Episodes #1: Alix and Mo Discuss Gratitude, Goal Setting, Mobility, Core Activation, and More

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Welcome to “The Health Episodes” version of the LINK Endurance Podcast. In this, and future episodes, Alix and Mo with discuss and give you tips on how to improve your mindset, nutrition, and movement/training.

In this episode we talk about:


  • Practicing gratitude
  • How failure could be the best thing to happen to you
  • How to build recovery into your new years resolution training plan
  • Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Stop comparing yourself
  • Why mobility and core engagement should be at the forefront of EVERY training session

And more!!

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Episode 139: Interview with President of the Obstacle Sports Federation Ian Adamson

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In this episode Miles and I sit down with one of the Godfather’s of Ultra-Endurance Sports, 11 time World Adventure Racing Champion, Guinness World Record Paddler, and President of the Obstacle Sports Federation (OSF), Ian Adamson.


Before we dive into the OSF and the sport of Obstacle Racing, we give you a look into the sport of Adventure Racing and Ian’s time as a World Champion. He talks about:

  • His early days as a runner & paddler
  • Paddling over 200 miles in record setting times
  • Eco-Challenge and something he calls “Dynamic Leadership”
  • The best lesson he learned about himself during a 10-12 day Adventure Race

Then we get into the OSF and discuss:

  • What exactly IS the OSF
  • The doping issue, testing, and Ryan Woods
  • Standardizing OCR courses for an Olympic birth
  • The future of OCR
  • And more!!

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Check out Ian racing Eco-Challenge HERE

Episode 138: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Mo and Miles discuss Goal Setting, How to Write Your Training Plan, Core Strength, and More

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In this episode Mo and Miles give you insight and direction on how to focus your training and goals in 2018.

We discuss:

  • What’s new with LINK Endurance for 2018
  • How to stick to YOUR plan and not compare yourself and/or your training to other athletes
  • Setting race/training goals and how to work backwards when creating your training plan for big events
  • Why Core work, specifically planks & side planks, need to be at the forefront of ALL your training sessions and as part of your pre-race warm up
  • The importance of mobility and myofascial release
  • and more!

This was a fun show for us to hop on and chat about the new year.  We hope you enjoy it, and if you did, please share with anyone that may benefit for the information :-).

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End of show song: “Limitless” by Sam F. (feat. Sophie Rose)

Episode 137: Introduction to “The Health Episodes” with Mo and Alix

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Starting Jan 2018 the LINK Endurance crew will be adding a new nutrition, mindset, meditation, & healthy living podcast episode two times a month! Don’t worry, you will still get your weekly dose of OCR interviews and news with Mo and Miles delivered every Monday morning :-).

In this episode Alix and I talk about what to expect in the upcoming Health Episodes and give a brief intro on the importance of mindful breathing, shifting your mindset from “I can’t” to “I can/I am/I will”, staying calm in the midst of chaos, and why you need to seek failure.

Take a listen and share with anyone you know that is looking to better themselves and reach untapped potential!

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End of Podcast Song: “Limitless” by Sam F. (feat. Sophie Rose)

Episode 136: Interview with Jay Flores

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In this episode CTG Pro Team member Jay Flores sits down with Miles and I and talks about:

– How he went from boxing, to cross-country, to OCR

– How to be a competitive athlete with a spouse that doesn’t “get” or do your sport

– How he prefers bands over penalties, and how he believes mandatory obstacle completion helps you to grow into a better athlete

– Being a Global “STEM” Science Technology Engineering & Math ambassador and how he inspires the youth of the world at TED Talks and on other speaking platforms to make “STEM” fun and to always be curious

– How he won the Master of the Rig Championship for 2017

– The most challenging race he has ever done (hint: it’s in South Africa)

– And more!

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CLICK HERE or HERE to see Jay’s TED Talks

Catch up with Jay:


FB: Jay Flores

IG: Coach Jay Flores

Episode 134: Interview with Spartan Pro & New Mom Rose Wetzel

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In this episode Miles and I have the pleasure of chatting with the incomparable Rose Wetzel. Rose talks about:

– Her life as a new mother

– The challenges being a new parent brings

– 36hrs of unmedicated labor

– How her training changed during pregnancy and how she is regaining fitness post baby

– Stopping at mile 12 of Spartan WC to breast feed!!!

– How to find your passion and do it for YOU not anyone else

– Setting personal mantras, anchors, and visuals for success

– Her most innovative “train with a baby” exercise

– And a lot more!

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Episode 132: How Retired Vietnam Marine Used Snake Venom and Holistic Remedies to Overcome Debilitating Injuries from War

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In this episode I sit down with Vietnam war hero Lou Paradise.  We talk about how Lou overcame debilitating pain and injuries from two tours in Vietnam that left him in severe and constant pain.

Lou used a combination of holistic herbs that he learned from his grandmother, along with micro-dosed venoms to formulate a topical lotion that increased microcirculation and greatly reduces joint & muscle pain. We talk though his product, the uses, and how you, the hard charging endurance athlete, can use it to speed recovery and keep you training hard!

We also discuss how his training on obstacle courses was a key component to his readiness for battle and more!

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