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Regeneration/Mobility Series 1

By August 5, 2015Blog, Movements

EVERYONE, regardless of your fitness or sport goals, needs to add mobility training and active recovery to their training program. This short video is a great way to increase you mobility/range of motion, plus promote active recovery from hard training session. Be sure to be VERY aware of your body position and form when performing these, or any, movements. Click Here to see the video.

Let me know what you think about this video series, and if it was helpful in the comments box below :-).

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  • Anne Zoellick says:

    Thanks for leading me through this sequence! It was easy to learn each movement, pause, repeat, then do the next. Almost like you were here 🙂

  • Mikkel Gleerup says:

    VERY good and easy to follow instruction!

    I just did it here on the living room floor and could immediately feel that I was reaching areas of my body, not being moved during my normal routine. Interesting to see what the “long term” effect will be…

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