Creamy Avocado Broccolini:

By April 21, 2014Blog, Recipes

Here is a super easy recipe that can be added to any meal for a boost in Vitamin-C, Calcium & Vitamin-K. Broccolini is a great addition to any meal.

1-2 bunches organic broccolini
1/2-1 avocado
Celtic Grey Sea Salt
Black pepper
1tsp Natures Way, or other high quality coconut oil
***Optional 1-2 cloves crushed garlic*** this will really supercharge the medicinal benefits

Chop broccolini, stems and all, into 1/2 inch (bite size) pieces. Lightly steam or sauté the broccolini just until it’s bright green, not wilted too much, along with the optional garlic. If you are sautéing, do it with the coconut oil on medium heat. If you are steaming, you can still add the garlic just add the coconut oil after the steam. In the meantime, with 1/2-1 avocado, remove the seed and cut into cubes. Once the broccolini is finished sautéing/steaming, combine all ingredients into a bowl and lightly stir to blend. The avocado with melt slightly to give this recipe a rich “creamy” texture. Enjoy!

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